Compiler error in sampl app "AWXReportsSample" (Firemonkey)

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Compiler error in sampl app "AWXReportsSample" (Firemonkey)

Postby Emil1957 » Wed Dec 13, 2017 10:31 am

I tried to compile the sample app "AWXReportsSample" (for Firemonkey), but got a compiler error (in German):

[dcc32 Fataler Fehler] DOCXReadWriteVcl.pas(35): F2613 Unit 'Dialogs' nicht gefunden.

which means

[dcc32 Fatal Error] DOCXReadWriteVcl.pas(35): F2613 Unit 'Dialogs' was not found.

The reason seems to be in the unit "AXWReport", there the unit „DOCXReadWriteVCL“ is refeferenced. In a Firemonkey project, should it not be „DOCXReadWriteFMX“ ?

uses Classes, SysUtils, Math,
{$ifndef DELPHI_5}
StrUtils, Types,
IniFiles, Contnrs, Db,
AXWFormulaTypes, AXWTokenizer, AXWEncodeFmla, AXWPaginateDoc,
AXWDefs, AXWUtils, AXWCharRun, AXWLogParas, AXWLogEditor, AXWFields,
// Wong reference??
AXWErrors, AXWXLSRWII, AXWEvaluateFmla, AXWDocProps, AXWMask, AXWGraphics,
AXWGraphicTypes, AXWReportUtils, AXWReportDataSet, AXWHTMLTypes, AXWGDIAbstract,
{$ifdef MSWINDOWS}
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Re: Compiler error in sampl app "AWXReportsSample" (Firemonkey)

Postby larsa » Thu Dec 14, 2017 8:59 am


Yes, you are correct. Change DOCXReadWriteVCL to DOCXReadWriteFmx. I think you also must change TDOCXReadWrite to TDOCXReadWriteFmx in a couple of places.
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