Definition for x-Values of charts

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Definition for x-Values of charts

Postby Johannes Krug » Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:44 am

I use an xlsx file with a chart. In this chart I defined a series with x values like "=Table1!A1;Table1!A3" (Important! this is no area but only two cells A1 and A3).
It is possible to load this file with xlsReadWriteII6 but if I save the file without changing anything I get an access violation.
My debugger jumps to the following code position in unit XLSSheetData5.pas:
Code: Select all
function TXLSWorksheet.GetName: AxUCString;
  Result := FXc12Sheet.Name;

I hope you can reproduce this problem.

Johanne Krug
Johannes Krug
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